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We have selected a series of quality regional websites for those who wish to know more about what the Saire Valley has to offer. Please note that links to external websites are provided for information purposes only and do not represent any form of endorsment of the products, services or views displayed on those sites.

Favourite links

We have grouped on a single page all the websites that we think are really worth visiting. You will find local blogs, local schools, links to websites about the culture, history, ecology, gastronomy, genealogy and tourism in Lower-Normandy. Browse our favourite links.

Local links

This is a summary of all the businesses and community groups based in the Saire Valley that have a website. Don't hesitate to let us know if you think we have left one out. Check out all the local links.

Touristic links

Our page of touristic links contains a list of the must-see place in the county of La Manche grouped by area: Cherbourg and its neighbourhood, Valognes and its "bocage", La Hague, La côte des Iles, the Mont-Saint-Michel, etc.

D-Day links

People visiting our region often take the opportunity to go to the D-Day landing beaches and the World War II cemetaries to remember the fallen. We have put together a list of all the major sites and museums in Normandy on our D-Day links page.

Social networks

Social networking site fans now have a page of links to Facebook pages and groups dealing with the Saire Valley.

Top 2 recommended websites

Here are our top 2 recommended websites if you only have limited time to continue discovering the area: